Windows 10 for Mobile: Everything You Need to Know

Tech to help keep law enforcement safe It seems like ages since Microsoft announced the arrival of Windows 10 and all the changes the latest operating system will bring to PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Now the company’s January 21 press event, where

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Verizon begins roll out of HTC Trophy Tango update, embarrasses every other U.S. carrier

Ready to be shocked? Out of all the United States carriers, Verizon is the first to officially update its sole Windows P

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HTC One Confirmed to Not Arrive on Verizon

Bad news for Verizon customers that were holding out hope for the HTC One to eventually pop-up on their carrier, it look

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Crave giveaway: HTC Surround Windows Phone - CNET

For the next two weeks, we have a special version of the Crave giveaway going on, with Microsoft sponsoring the giveaway

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HTC One S for T-Mobile USA getting Android 4.0.4

T-Mobile users who own the HTC One S have woken up to a software upgrade today as the US carrier is reportedly pushing out an upgrade to Android 4.0.4

HTC 1080p Phone / HTC Droid Incredible X: Release Date at Verizon Scheduled For November ?

HTC Droid Incredible X Specs & Release Date at Verizon According to the latest leaks and rumors, the fabled 5-inch 1080p phone heading towards Ve

Remote wipe attack not limited to Samsung phones, Android dialer may be to blame

Yesterday we reported on a that could allow a malicious website to wipe a user's device, but new details are coming to light that indicate the issue



HTC One X getting Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5 update in June

We all know that timely software updates for our smartphones are extremely important, and the folks from HTC haven’t been what we’d consid

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Android 4.1 update for the HTC One XL begins rollout in Taiwan and Singapore

Over the last few weeks, HTC has been rolling out Android 4.1 to several of its handsets. The update started trickling out to the international HTC On

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How to hard reset the HTC EVO 4G

The HTC EVO 4G is highly customizable and you have been hard at work tweaking it to your liking, but now the fun is over and you want to return it to

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How to get Facebook Home up and running on your HTC EVO 4G LTE

Facebook Home has finally been released for a limited number of Android devices, which means that – with a little bit of hacking – you can

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HTC Rezound

HTC Rezound Pops Up On Verizon In-Store Ad

We’ve been expecting that the HTC Rezound will be , and now we have further evidence that the

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HTC Wildfire

Unlock HTC Wildfire S – How to Unlock HTC Wildfire S by Code is proud to announce that we can unlock the HTC Wildfire S. Unlocking your HTC Wild

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HTC Rhyme

The new HTC Rhyme kind of insults the ladies-News

HTC has unveiled the Rhyme (formerly the HTC Bliss) - an Android 2.3 phone that clearly has women in

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