Can the HTC One M8 Popularize Windows Phone?

Microsoft (MSFT), on the other hand, has faced an uphill battle to push Windows Phone into relevance while relying on Nokia (NOK) to the point that MSFT bought the company’s smartphone division to bring it in-house. The re-release of HTC’s popular One M8 s

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HTC tegen Nokia: 8X veel lichter dan Lumia 920

Toen HTC vol trots haar Windows Phone 8 toestellen presenteerde, zei Nokia’s hoofd van de marketing afdeling daaro

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HTC Arrive Unboxing (video) | TechnoBuffalo

Insert bad pun here: Arrive has arrived. The first CDMA Windows Phone 7 device, HTC’s Arrive, hits Sprint on March

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En Venta: Apple iPhone 4s/Samsung Galaxy S3/Apple ipad/Blackberry | Clasificados – StiloGames Paraguay

Descripcion Nosotros vendemos los teléfonos móviles, ordenadores portátiles, cámaras fotográficas, cámaras de vide

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HTC One S for T-Mobile USA getting Android 4.0.4

T-Mobile users who own the HTC One S have woken up to a software upgrade today as the US carrier is reportedly pushing out an upgrade to Android 4.0.4

HTC 1080p Phone / HTC Droid Incredible X: Release Date at Verizon Scheduled For November ?

HTC Droid Incredible X Specs & Release Date at Verizon According to the latest leaks and rumors, the fabled 5-inch 1080p phone heading towards Ve

Remote wipe attack not limited to Samsung phones, Android dialer may be to blame

Yesterday we reported on a that could allow a malicious website to wipe a user's device, but new details are coming to light that indicate the issue



HTC One X on Telus, getting Jelly Bean Update

For those of you that might already be lucky enough to be sporting some Jelly Bean love on your One X, how is it performing so far? Are you happy with

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HTC One x Car Holder by tomganleylee - Thingiverse

For Dock: 1. Take the Dock_part1 and use 2 m3 bolts (short ones) and attach the lower part of the dock. 2. Take Dock_part 3 and use 2 small m3bolts to

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HTC EVO 4G LTE S-OFF Achieved for Latest 2.09 Hboot

Those unfamiliar with any of this or what’s the big deal about booloaders, unlocking them is the first step in a process of getting root access

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HTC EVO 3D beats LG Thrill to the punch as first glasses-free 3D smartphone in

The EVO 3D is similar to HTC’s Sensation phone that came out earlier this month. The main difference is that the EVO 3D adds, well, 3D. The pho

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HTC Vivid

Red Sequin Effect Phone Cases HTC Vivid / Raider 4G Case from

Case-Mate HTC Vivid Tough Case Protect your Vivid with a cus

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HTC Vivid Slapped With a Cease and Desist Letter from a Porn Company

It can’t be easy coming up with names for phones these

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HTC Vivid Battery Connector Contact Screw

Vivid Battery Connector Contact Screw is brand new and origi

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HTC Rezound

HTC Rezound vs. Galaxy Nexus vs. Droid Razr: specs showdown

Continuing with the format we used on our previous specs comparisons of the iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nex

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HTC Wildfire

Best HTC Wildfire S Extended Batteries Portable Chargers - A510E

Best HTC Wildfire S Extended Batteries & Portable Chargers – A510E The HTC Wildfire S is

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HTC Rhyme

HTC Rhyme™ Available on the Nation’s Most Reliable Network Beginning Tomorrow

p: (612) 696-3400e: press@target.comThe hotline is staffed between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Central Monday

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