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Working closely with Microsoft, HTC ported its best-ever Android handset to Windows Phone and created a credible flagship from a company not formerly named Nokia. The HTC One M8 for Windows is the ultimate stealth product, a smart phone that won't get conf

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HTC Trophy Lands at Verizon: Available May 26, $150

In what might be the industry’s worst-kept secret, the HTC Trophy — which has been spotted on Xbox 360 screens a

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HTC One Cases on Sale: Rhinestones Protector Case for HTC Arrive, Clear Full Diamond

Rating: 4.0 of 5 stars Product price: Check new Price Product asin : B004ZWVA6C Get now special discount Rhinestones

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Crave giveaway: HTC Surround Windows Phone - CNET

For the next two weeks, we have a special version of the Crave giveaway going on, with Microsoft sponsoring the giveaway

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HTC One S for T-Mobile USA getting Android 4.0.4

T-Mobile users who own the HTC One S have woken up to a software upgrade today as the US carrier is reportedly pushing out an upgrade to Android 4.0.4

HTC 1080p Phone / HTC Droid Incredible X: Release Date at Verizon Scheduled For November ?

HTC Droid Incredible X Specs & Release Date at Verizon According to the latest leaks and rumors, the fabled 5-inch 1080p phone heading towards Ve

Remote wipe attack not limited to Samsung phones, Android dialer may be to blame

Yesterday we reported on a that could allow a malicious website to wipe a user's device, but new details are coming to light that indicate the issue



AT&T HTC One X Gets Official Jelly Bean Update

AT&T has confirmed that its HTC One X will be getting an update that will include Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The update will be rolling out OTA today

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HTC One X for AT&T review

HardwareIt takes more than a casual glance to tell AT&T's One X apart from its matte white foreign twin. It takes more than a casual glance to tel

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HTC EVO 4G LTE Jelly Bean update made official, hitting handsets now

Looks like the rumors were true. Several HTC EVO 4G LTE owners are reporting that they're now downloading the 3.15.651.16 update for their handsets, w

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HTC EVO 4G LTE stand by dingo - Thingiverse

it certainly does have a kickstand, which works better than the original evo's kickstand. one thing i notice on this design is that there doesn't appe

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HTC Vivid

What new phones rival the iPhone?

Android phones have driven the mobile phone market in an upw

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San Francisco HTC Vivid / Raider 4G Case from

Case-Mate HTC Vivid Tough Case Protect your Vivid with a cus

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HTC Rezound

Two-Stage Verizon HTC Rezound Android 4.0 Update Rolling Out Now

The official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for Verizon’s HTC Rezound is rolling out no

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HTC Wildfire

screen - HTC Wildfire S digitizer replacement - Android Enthusiasts

I've just replaced the digitizer of my HTC Wildfire S because the old one was broken. The thing is t

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HTC Rhyme

HTC Vivid No Contract 4G LTE Dual-Core Android Smartphone – Black AT&T Wireless

Enjoy your life by having HTC Vivid No Contract 4G LTE Dual-Core Android Smartphone – Black AT

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