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hey demyan can you add opera in menu ?You can do it yourself. Example:1. Edit the file KJxDispatch.ini#music storeclass=Browservendor=Opera Software ASAname=Opera Mini2. Edit the file Config.xml<!--01--> <sub str="Opera" id="MainMenu" loc="MainMenu,menu,1,1,203" icon='80' des=''/>3. Opera icon number 80 placed in the folder Res/Flash/Icons/FApp/

HTC Hero

HTC Hero gets new functionality - News

A new ROM update for the HTC Hero is available to download now, bringing with it new functionality and significantly increased performance.We suggest

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Sprint Community: htc hero radio interface resource shortage

mschas252, I'm so sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues making and receiving calls with your HTC hero.  I'll be glad to help any way

Read More newsletter – September 24, 2009 – Sprint’s HTC Hero in the Labs

Last week Sal and I attended Pepcom and did a live podcast from the show floor. While I saw a number of products that I definitely was interested in h

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