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hey demyan can you add opera in menu ?You can do it yourself. Example:1. Edit the file KJxDispatch.ini#music storeclass=Browservendor=Opera Software ASAname=Opera Mini2. Edit the file Config.xml<!--01--> <sub str="Opera" id="MainMenu" loc="MainMenu,menu,1,1,203" icon='80' des=''/>3. Opera icon number 80 placed in the folder Res/Flash/Icons/FApp/

HTC Hero

Review: HTC Hero from Sprint | Reviews |

I recently had a similar out-of-box experience with Sprint’s HTC Hero, which I previously detailed. Since there aren’t too many difference

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How to Reset HTC Hero S

Important:* Please Do Not Reset Your Mobile Without Any Unrecoverable Difficulty.** Hard Reset Will Erase All User Data From Your HTC Hero S. So Keep

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Win a $10 Google Play Gift Card because it

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